Friday, 15 May 2015

Wildcard option - Diabetes personified

So today's topic was Food on Friday but it didn't inspire me to write anything I was happy with so I decided to grab a wildcard. It took me a while to think about this but I decided to go fictional and pick someone I think I'd like to spend time with. 

So my diabetes personified is Supernaturals Dean Winchester! 

Why Dean I know people will be asking? Well if I have to be linked with it for the rest of my life I may as well think of it as being good looking =) But if you look at the qualities of my diabetes I feel Dean replicates these attributes perfectly. I've picked five which I think are the most important at this point. 
So it takes a lot of contemplating - how many carbs? How much insulin? Is it worth the bonus? Dean spends a lot of time contemplating 'evil' 
But the top and bottom of it is WE LIKE PIE!! It's always worth contemplating it because we're hungry and want to be normal. Dean likes pie and seems to get mad when he's hungry. 
Some days we get the pie (or other food) bolus wrong. It's a bit rubbish because then you feel ugh for the day. However you know that you might use the same bolus over the same time on a different day and it'll work. Confusing!! Like poor Dean when he realises he's hunting the wrong demon. 

Some days we hypo and then one of our other personalities unearths itself. Either the loveable, playful side arrives or the crazy mad side. When the first arrives, we to think we're adorable. 

Then there are some days when you just get so damn mad that you want to explode and scream and shout because even though you know it'll do no good you know that at the end of it you'll feel better! 

So yes if my diabetes was personified and had to walk alongside me in my eyes it would be Dean. 

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  1. This is so great. It seems I'm going to have to get onto the Supernatural bandwagon