Friday, 15 May 2015


Day four from Diabetes Blog Week is Changes. 

Changes - there are two ways to look at this either its a fluid condition in which changes, updates and developments however small are happening all the time. Or you can complain about how slowly things get done and how little help there is.

I'm a fan of view one. 

My mum tells me horror stories of my grandad boiling glass syringes after injecting. About how hypos were frequent and help was there but only in emergencies. 

When I was a baby they were disposable syringes and a finger pricker that sounded like a gun! 

Then when I was little the hospital gave me an injector gun that was horrible looking back, but made life easier. Blood meter was new but was huge in comparison to today's. 

Then we moved onto a smaller injector that was quieter and less intrusive. The blood meters where getting small and more compact. 

Then we discovered pens. They took a lot of getting used to. But it was a step in the right direction. 

Then the pump arrived...what a discovery. No more stabbing myself five or six times a day. Better control was getting easier and I could eat when and what I wanted. The blood meter is amazing it links to the pump and charges via a USB!! 

Things seemed perfect and then sensors where introduced. They tell me whether I'm high or low, help detect patterns and have made control much easier. 

So I suppose a short and simple post because whilst sometimes it seems like life is tough I'm greatful for the changes that have allowed me to get to this point. 

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