Monday, 22 October 2012

A rather eventful time

After a rather eventful time over the past few months I will be returning to my blog shortly. This will include a long and rambling explanation of how I nearly let some stupid people destroy my faith in myself and how standing up to those people cost me more than I had bargained for. Still if you don't stand up for yourself who will?

Post this I will be blogging the arrival (hopefully) of my new insulin pump. This journey started a short time ago and I will therefore wait a while before explaining it. So for any one who reads this I may come across as angry and upset at first but put yourself in my shoes for a moment... For any one who may be offended or who wants to ask questions that's fine by me, I welcome responses and questions. If you don't ask you don't get. For anyone who is cast in a poor shadow by default I'd say I'm sorry but you live with the choices you make. Maybe it would be wise occasionally to consider the people who valued you, who helped you and who cared without question rather than to dump them at a moments notice because standing up for them could make your life difficult...

I suppose all thats left is to believe in Karma and hope that what comes around goes around... Heres hoping =)