Saturday, 10 November 2012


So with November being about Diabetes I thought I'd try to provide some insight into what its like sometimes!

On Thursday I worked a late at work for Open Evening. I got home about twenty past nine. I had a nice brew and a bite to eat and dosed on the couch for an hour. As it was getting late I went to make my way to bed via the bins that needed putting out. I remember feeling exceptionally cold and tired but i put that down to the night air. Upon reaching my bedroom I went through the unusually difficult process of getting changed with my pump attached. It seems to simple to just disconnect it for to minutes. Once changed I sat down to do a BM and realised  was running out of insulin. Why I thought this was more important I'll never know but off I went to find the necessary supplies. Upon returning my hubbie had loaded up my BM kit and said he'd start the pump change whilst I did a BM. 

The numbers were low - 2.2 to be fair. That explained the cold, exhausted and confused feelings then. I drank half a bottle of lucozade and as I was already disconnected I waited. Half an hour later we were on 2.7. I drank the rest of the bottle. I waited a further fifteen minutes but was feeling worse. My head was spinning and my eyes hurt but on the plus side we were on 3.8. I had a digestive or two...

By midnight we'd hit 5.8 so i decided to reconnect on a temporary basal of 0% for an hour and to and get some rest. Finally getting warm and managing to fall asleep I was confidant of a good nights rest. How wrong was I?!! 

I awoke at 3am feeling confused, something was wrong. I knew it was wrong at once. Within seconds I realised that my eyes were dazed and that my throat was so dry it was sore. I gulped the water at the side of the bed and went to the bathroom. I was desperate for the toilet. Somewhere between getting up to go to the bathroom and returning to bed it dawned on me that a BM might be a good idea - I fumbled around and found it at the side of the bed in the dark. I flicked the TV on low and used the light to stumble through a BM. Pressing the light on the metre I saw the dreaded letter 'HI'. For my BM kit that meant my reading was to high to be read. Lucozade on the fingers i thought. After a quick run to the bathroom to wash my hands I did it again, 'HI'. PANIC!! I decided to put some insulin through over fifteen minutes to bring it down. 

Half an hour later i tested again - 'HI'. More insulin went in. After an hour I woke my husband envisaging a trip to A&E. I then woke my mum to be told the same thing - stay calm. In a moment of clarity she suggested a pump check. We found an air bubble so we sorted it out and we put another 5 units in. At 4.30am the metre read 23.6. I have never ever been glad to see a reading of 23 before that point.   

I managed to drift off to sleep waking regularly for water. At 7am my reading was 6.1 and my husband advised I turned pump down on a TBR for an hour until I was ready for brekkie which I did.

When my alarm went at 7.30 I was tired and groggy. I felt like I was awake enough to see what was going on but not to respond or contribute. I forced myself from the bed legs aching, eyes sore and feeling awful. I continued to get showered and dressed going slowly from step to step...something was wrong, something was very very wrong. I attempted to get downstairs, silly now i know. I reached the kitchen and was exhausted. I was also cold I remember being very cold.

I grabbed my BM kit and loaded it up. The five second count down too forever and there on the screen were the numbers that could potetially be worse than the HI. My BM was 1.2! How was I still functioning?! Jasper was licking my hands and nudging me. I managed to grab and open the lucozade in my handbag. I drank it all there and then. It was sickly and horrible tasting. Sweet and nasty. I was exhausted. I knew I shouldn't sleep and so did Jasper. Suddenly I could feel my BM coming up. I was starting to feel stronger. I could hear my mum on the stairs, why hadn't I called her for help? At 8.15am my mum asked if I was going to stay home. I said no so she reluctantly dropped me at work. I was up and down all day. For the first half of the morning I felt like someone had kicked my insides black and blue because of all the glucose. I then started to feel sick. As my BM rose steadily over the morning I started to feel high so I boloused small amounts bit by bit to bring it down. I was managing thats the main thing. Then as we reached mid afternoon the catch up started again and I dropped to 3. Luckinly mum as collecting me.

Today I'm slightly less off. I've no idea why or what happened but the motto is when you're running late or complaining bout having to get up remeber it could be worse! You could be suffering from lack of sleep, dazed and confused feelings and sickness with no idea why it has happened other than your body fancied a challenge> =)