Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Clean it out

So after yesterday's keeping it in today were cleaning out...! Day three of Diabetes Blog Week and I'm having to carefully ponder which topic I should pick. That tells you something about me in that I collect 'stuff' in massive proportions and nearly never clean it out. So let's start with the physical; 

My pump supplies and prescription stuff is a nightmare. I'm not lying the boxes and bags that are fortunate to make it further than the hall are lucky, even more so if they make the top of the stairs. At the top of the stairs there is a plastic storage unit with draws that I always intended to label appropriately... On the off chance my husband is around Kevin will methodically sort the items into their various draws. If not I'll drop them into a large plastic box that was bought months ago to go in the loft but has been commandeered for my prescription type stuff! If it goes into the box chances are it will stay there and live happily until I shout 'Kev I can't find...' He'll  check the box. =) 

I'd like to say my physically messy state is a new thing but it's been happening since I was old enough to test my own blood sugar. My dad used to complain constantly when I was at home about the blood test strips that seemed to have appeared from nowhere on the sofa or floor! Been that I was diagnosed at 13 months old and am now into that 30's + age bracket it's not changing. 

I'm also a nightmare for leaving stuff where I've used it! Inserter gun used whilst watching tv? Chances are its on the sofa or I front of the tv. I once left it in the shed - now that was a hunt and a half. But all this stuff is easy fixed if you just think about it and act accordingly. 

The stuff that's harder to clean out is the emotional stuff. The stuff that people say before they think or worse still the stuff that people say to cause pain is harder. When people who you considered friends turn on you for something that you can't control. That's the stuff that's harder to clean out. But you can clean it out! You need good family and/or good friends who can help you focus on the positives. They can help you see that " there are those opinions that matter and those that don't " as my mother would say. So today I'm making myself a public promise to ignore the negative people and to try and let go of the emotional hurt that I've experienced. Maybe you can't let it go completely but maybe it can be boxed up tight and put in that cupboard at the back of your mind.

To start me off on a positive track there are some people who I can identify as POSITIVE influences who I know keep me on track. So I suppose this is a thank you to them as well. 

 My pooch and husband who never fail to make me smile! 
My family - you want the truth? Ask a sibling! You want to feel amazing about who you are ask a parent. 
     Our Australian pals who are always there to help, listen or guide and who can always recommend sick day tv that's AMAZING. 
 Finally for today these two nutters who I work with. They look after me, make me laugh and always give great hugs and great advice. 

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