Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Keep it to yourself

Day two of Diabetes Week blog and the title is keep it to yourself! 

So what do I keep to myself? Not much it would appear! However I think maybe the one thing I don't share is that sometimes I'm naughty! I don't mean anything to frowned upon in day to day terms but in diabetic terms it'd be a definite hand slap. 

You see I often don't carb count carefully enough, would forget to bonus or worse still would over bonus and end up correcting. The results are not dreadful I'm not saying I run low or high all the time but maybe I could have been more careful. 

I was cursed with doing too many finger prick checks but then not acting on the information. When my pump arrived in 2007 I was reluctant. It seemed to complicated. What if the background insulin was too much? Or too little? Did I want this machine attached to me all day every day? The fear factor is something else I often don't cough too. Anyway at this point my A1c was around 8.Something % (I don't do new numbers)

With lots of work my numbers came down to 8% and the pump in 2010 made a guest appearance at our wedding. Carefully concealed in and inside pocket made just for the pump. Following the wedding we plodded along bringing it slowly but surely down into the 7% territory. Then came the 'children conversation'

Following this conversation the consultant was very clear down to 6.1% or as close as possible, so we worked on it. This seemed such a task. I'd always tried to balance an acceptable A1c with a happy lifestyle. So we slowly inched with the help of an amazing team closer to the required figure. 

After a few months of it dropping at a painstakingly slow rate the consultant raised the option of sensors. These would monitor my blood sugars and allow me to detect patterns. Seemed like it was worth a go so we went for it. 

In February this year we were at 7% and I say we because Kevin had been with me through the highs and the lows (which were getting more frequent) Due to some difficult situations we had been struggling to drop it any further. I had a terrible chest infection which was considered pneumonia and then had a sickness virus. It seemed to last forever. One day walking across the town centre made me feel awful. The smell of someone eating a pie made me physically sick. My mum all of a sudden said "You're not pregnant are you?" 

At first I thought she was being ridiculous but when I came home and counted I realised I probably was. Confirmed later by two positive tests. Although happy we kept it to ourselves and rang the appropriate teams.  Later that week we had an A1c and still at 7% we had some work to do. 

Anyway I thought of two things therefore I keep to myself I used to be naughty! Last A1c was 6.something so in the right territory and up until today we've kept it to ourselves that were expecting our first arrival in November! 


  1. Wow! Congratulations! How exciting!

  2. Congratulations!!! SO exciting!

  3. Congratulations! That's awesome!!

  4. Congrats on your little bean! What a beautiful thing to share :)