Saturday, 16 May 2015

Favourites & Motivation

So today's options are to talk about your favourites and motivations, blog related, diabetes related, or not and if you don't have a favourite then share your motivation as to why you started writing a blog. 

Well I suppose my blogs are as the title suggests Random. I write when I feel like it and I write about anything. Apart from Diabetes Blog week I find it difficult to stick to a schedule. I tend to not have favourites in relation to diabetes blogs because I'm always finding new ones. I do however have a handful of phrases that I like to come back to that make me think and help keep me on track. 

So here they are; 

We all have different talents and abilities. Once you learn to embrace your own life opens up to a whole host of wonderful experiences. 

Make the most of everyday and enjoy yourself along the way. 

Another make the most of it thought but a thought provoking one. 

People are human. They make mistakes. Sometimes these have a ripple affect on your life and you barely notice it. Other days it's like a huge crashing wave that feels like it can rip everything from you. Hold on to the stable things, those life rafts of family, friends will bring you safely back to shore. It may take time but if you let them they'll bring you home. 

This is my favourite because if you embraces life's storms physical or metaphorical you can learn to find something positive in it to appreciate. I love the rain (literal) there's nothing quite like splashing in puddles in your wellies even if you are 30+ 

Now the original topic asked for favourites. I've managed to read a few blogs over the week but I've got loads more still to go. However over the last week I have found some blogs I really like. They're honest and funny. They both came from Bec at Sweet & Sour and I've (hopefully) linked below as I think they're fantastic! 


  1. Excellent sayings, I feel inspired!
    Aww thank you- that's really sweet! I'm always happy when I can make someone smile :)