Friday, 11 May 2012

The Reasons Why...!

An attempt at blogging started by a tweet from @diabetes UK. As I have never understood the concept of blogging I will be practising over the weekend in preparation for Diabetes Blog Week. I apologise in advance to those people on my facebook/twitter pages who maybe dont want to read about my thoughts, annoyances and laughs that I get from my diabetes  (and others ignorance) as this is being fed into both accounts.

This is not something I have done before but it has recently been brought to my attention that there are members of the general public who maybe need to understand how and why people do things they do. There are also people out there who feel comforted to know others are in the same situation as they are. At this point I would like to promote to any diabetic people or partners/family the ip-uk webpage which is a forum of people who share opinions, ideas and advice.

As my blog goes on I will no doubt talk about how I have had help along the way from some wonderful people. I hope you all get to know of the amazing relationship formed between Max (my gorgeous golden retriever until last summer) and myself over the years and the beginnings of a relationship with his sucessor Jasper who is still in that mischievious puppy phase but i'm still holding out hope for! (Both pictured here hopefully)  

So i'm off now to partake in some world of warcraft playing and to think about what I can share in my blogs for the upcoming Diabetes blog week. After 27 years (4 of them on a pump) I can hopefully share something of use or interest to someone!

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