Monday, 14 May 2012

Find A Friend...

Today is the first day of Diabetes Blog Week 2012 and the topic of choice is supposed to be find a friend where we talk about the blogs that you follow and the people you have found as a result (I think!).

This is a difficult topic as I don't follow any other 'bloggers' religiously and tend instead to jump between topics i find interesting and twitter/facebook posts. The beauty of diabetes blogging online is that there are hundreds of people who can all share experiences on a regular basis. Up until recently I hadn't appreciated the value of this. I am fortunate that I have a supportive family and some select friends who are very understanding, knowledgable and caring about my diabetes.

However recently I have used the experiences of others and their support to get through a very difficult time. As much as those around me have tried to understand this situation how can they? After what could be considered a personal attack on me over my condition I found that I began questionning people I once considered friends... A comment made about my BM kit left me furious and I found that the person who repeated it dismissed it as unimportant! To them maybe, they dont have to live attached to a machine, taking blood from themselves on a regular basis. Worse still the person refused point blank to tell me where the comment had originated!! I have therefore started to question everyone I trusted or even considered close to me. recent months has allowed me to establish who are true friends and who are fair weather friends...

So why is all this relevant to the 'Find a Friend' topic?

Well its relevant because through blogging comments, Facebook pages for Diabetes UK, Twitter for Diabetes UK and other friends I have made through the hospital I have managed to understand how these comments might have been made and taken out of context or how they might have been made to hurt. I have also learnt that there are opinions that matter and those that don't. Most importantly though it is those who share the condition who can understand the hurt, the fury and the response, so to the blogging world I owe you a huge world of thanks. To my family and a couple of friends (you know who you are) I thank you for listening to the repetative converstaions we have had, the advice and the support! =)

To Karen at Bitter Sweet - this is an amazing idea! Thanks.

To anyone who is reading I hope you enjoy the ramblings I'm putting down here but as I am working towards improved ~HbA1c its time to BM again =)

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  1. And a big Thank You right back for joining in for Diabetes Blog Week!! It seriously would be any fun without all you wonderful DBloggers who participate. :)